Life Series

  • Life Series Part I: When the First Child Arrives, A Will Shouldn't Be Far Behind

    When Harry and Sally decided to tie the knot in marriage, they knew that their lives would head down a much different path from when they were single -- new joys, family, friends and responsibilities.

  • Life Series Part II: When Your Family Grows, Make Sure Everyone is Protected

    Three years flew by for newlyweds Harry and Sally, and they soon were expecting their second child. When baby Chloe arrived, they were overjoyed that their first born Claire would now have a sister.

  • Life Series Part III: Time to Start Thinking Long Term

    Life for Sally and Harry starts to take a more established path after 8 years of marriage, now that they’ve just had their third child and Harry has moved up the ranks at work.

  • Life Series Part IV: Medical Treatment Consent Forms to Cover Kids While You Are Away

    As they approached their 15th wedding anniversary, Harry sprung a surprise on his wife Sally -- a 2-week whirlwind vacation in Europe for two in July, without their three children who attend grade school and are no longer in need of constant care.

    Harry had already asked Sally’s retired parents if they could take care of Claire, Ethan, and special needs child Chloe. The grandparents responded that they were all too happy to have their grandchildren to themselves for two weeks.

  • Life Series V: Wills Need to be Revisited as Life Changes

    Adults should review their wills every five years due to changes in life's situations.

    Throughout their 20 years of marriage, Harry and Sally spent much of their time taking care of each other and then their three children as they arrived. But during the last two years, they also had to devote energy to caring for Harry’s father who eventually died from Alzheimer’s disease, and then administering the estate he left to the family.

    Harry’s father hadn’t touched his will in 10 years -- even after Harry’s mother died -- so much of the document was outdated. Simple changes such as the addition of Harry and Sally’s third child weren’t made in the will, along with adjustments to the situation with Harry’s sister, who had gone through a divorce.

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