Why choose mediation in your family law case?

As an experienced Family Law Attorney in Grand Rapids, I have represented clients in Kent County and throughout West Michigan. My experience has taught me that litigation is stressful and expensive. Litigation also causes anger and resentment between parties that can linger for years. These issues can be devastating when minor children are involved.

When the focus is litigation between parties, it is almost impossible for parties to work constructively to resolve their case.

Mediation is an alternative to litigation that allows parties to resolve their issues without litigation. Mediation also allows parties to make their own decisions instead of having a judge make those decisions.

A Mediator does not represent either party and is therefore an impartial third-party. With a Mediator’s help, parties work together to reach a resolution that works for both parties. Mediation is confidential, non-confrontational, and usually less expensive than litigation. Any agreement reached at Mediation is binding, which makes it difficult for either party to back out of the agreement at a later date.

As a Mediator who is also a Family Law Attorney, I offer a wealth of experience that helps parties resolve their issues fairly and in a way that benefits both parties and any minor children of the parties. I am naturally empathetic and compassionate. I help guide parties through a difficult and stressful time to reach a resolution that works for everyone involved, especially the minor children.

The first step in Mediation is often the most difficult – choosing Mediation to resolve your family law case. I offer a free consultation for parties that want to learn more about the benefits of Mediation.