A new law in Michigan allows any adult to appoint another adult to plan his or her funeral.

Last Rights: New Law Creates Flexibility in Planning Funerals

With a firm belief that good planning makes events go smoothly, Martin wanted to determine and document how he wanted the last major event of his life to take place -- his funeral.

As he expected to celebrate his 89th birthday, Martin felt some urgency in getting everything planned, including the casket and funeral garments, the visitation, service at the church and music, luncheon and graveside ceremony.

Mike Toburen expects good synergy from the move to Pike House in Grand Rapids.

Toburen Law Moves Offices to Historic Pike House in Grand Rapids

Toburen Law has moved its offices to the iconic, white-columned Pike House at 230 E. Fulton St. to accommodate a growing practice and provide more convenient access to local and state courts for divorce, family and estate law cases.

Stress-Free Divorce Volume 2 contains advice from Mike Toburen on the common pitfalls of divorce.

My Advice on Divorce Included in Stress-Free Divorce Volume 02

I’m now a published author!

My advice regarding divorce and dealing with ex-spouses that I gave on the Impact Makers Radio program in April was selected to be included in a book that recently became available on Amazon called Stress-Free Divorce Volume 02.

Interview on “Let's Talk Divorce!” Radio Series About Misconceptions: Part 2

This is the second installment of my interview with Stewart Andrew Alexander for Impact Makers Radio regarding advice I give adults who were contemplating divorce, in the midst of divorce, or dealing with an ex-spouse after the final judgement.