Toburen Law helps with changes to child support payments that deviate from the Michigan Child Support Formula.
Under Michigan law, the court must approve any changes to child support payments that deviate from the Michigan Child Support Formula.

Can We Set Different Child Support Payments from What the Court Recommends?

High school seniors Bob and Jamie dated for a few months and broke up, only to find out weeks later that Jamie was pregnant with Bob’s child. Over their parents’ objections, they tried to smooth over their differences by getting married soon after graduation. After two years of marriage, the couple divorced when it became clear they weren’t compatible in the long run.

While Bob and Jamie fought over a number of issues while they were married, the divorce was amicable as both loved their daughter. Jamie knew Bob would try hard to help care for their child, but she also knew he was struggling to make ends meet with his new job. Jamie decided she could accept reduced child support payments to help Bob get established. She also knew that Bob’s child support payments could be increased later as his financial situation improved.

Parents who are traveling without their children should leave signed Medical Treatment Consent forms with caregivers.

Life Series Part IV: Medical Treatment Consent Forms to Cover Kids While You Are Away

As they approached their 15th wedding anniversary, Harry sprung a surprise on his wife Sally -- a 2-week whirlwind vacation in Europe for two in July, without their three children who attend grade school and are no longer in need of constant care.

Harry had already asked Sally’s retired parents if they could take care of Claire, Ethan, and special needs child Chloe. The grandparents responded that they were all too happy to have their grandchildren to themselves for two weeks.

Josh and Debra also had to make arrangements since they had no children to manage their estate.

Without Children, Who Manages the Estate?

Josh and Debra saw how dementia had robbed Debra’s mother and Josh’s father of their faculties as they reached their late 80s, and the situation highlighted a particular -- and personal -- problem for the couple as they developed their own estate plan.

Josh and Debra had different considerations since they had no children to receive their estate.

Without Children, Who Receives the Estate?

Josh and Debra knew they had a lot in common when they met: love of travel and the finer things in life, ambition to distinguish themselves in their professional careers, and a desire to serve their community and those in need.

With so much to accomplish, Debra and Josh also knew when they married that having children probably wasn’t in the cards, particularly since they both traveled frequently for their jobs.