Parents can think ahead for their teenage children by using trusts.

Life Series Part III: Time to Start Thinking Long Term

Life for Sally and Harry starts to take a more established path after 8 years of marriage, now that they’ve just had their third child and Harry has moved up the ranks at work.

Julius Caesar gave Roman citizens his property for public recreation in his will.

Great Caesar’s Ghost! Wills Can Have Epic Consequences

During any given week throughout courtrooms in Michigan, judges calmly decide the merits and validity of wills meant to convey property from the deceased to their heirs. 

Small business owners may want to chose an LLC as a corporate structure.

Small Business Series 1: Protect Yourself When You Launch a Business

Latisha always wanted to be her own boss, and she knew that she had some dynamite recipes for picnic foods that could make the core of a solid catering business.

What if I don't want an inheritance that has been left for me?

George felt sadness at the passing of his favorite uncle Barney, and he was utterly shocked to learn that Barney had named him in the will to receive a slice of hunting property and a shotgun.