Life Series Part II: When Your Family Grows, Make Sure Everyone is Protected

Three years flew by for newlyweds Harry and Sally, and they soon were expecting their second child. When baby Chloe arrived, they were overjoyed that their first born Claire would now have a sister.

Life Series Part I: When the First Child Arrives, A Will Shouldn't Be Far Behind

When Harry and Sally decided to tie the knot in marriage, they knew that their lives would head down a much different path from when they were single -- new joys, family, friends and responsibilities.

Business Succession Planning: How to Use Life Insurance to Fund a Business Buy-Sell Agreement

Major problems can arise when a small business owner dies without a plan in place. This is especially true with an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that has more than one owner. This is because in an LLC, each owner - referred to as a member - owns a percentage of the business.

What Happens to My Small Business If I Die?

While there are plenty of secondary questions to ask, the primary answer to this hinges on one question: Do you have a business succession plan in place?