My wife and I are leaving our children with neighbors while we go on vacation. Will a doctor or hospital provide medical care while we are gone?

You should sign a Medical Treatment Consent Form for each of your children that will allow a caretaker to seek medical treatment for your children while you are gone.  The authority can be restricted to make sure the caretaker can only seek medical treatment that is absolutely essential; the effective date of the form can also be matched exactly to the time period you will be on vacation.

Estate Planning FAQ: I have a special needs child. Other than a basic will, is there anything I need to do to provide for that child?

Although each situation varies, and there are many factors to consider, you may want to set up a special needs trust to provide for your child. A special needs trust may be a useful tool for a disabled individual who is receiving, or will receive, government benefits.

Estate Planning FAQ: If I get remarried after my first spouse dies, how do I make sure my assets go to my children from my first marriage?

Blended families – those in which one or both spouses have children from a prior relationship – are becoming more and more common. Estate planning for blended families is complex, especially if one spouse is significantly older than the other, or if one spouse has much more money than the other.

Estate Planning FAQ: What does it mean to “fund” a trust?

To fund a trust means to retitle certain assets in the name of the trust.  Your trust only controls those assets that are “owned” by the trust.  If your trust is funded properly, the trust will control the distribution of your assets when you die; assets not owned by the trust may not be distributed as provided in the trust.  A properly funded trust can also help your estate avoid probate when you die.