Collaborative Divorce
Are you interested in a gentler divorce? In a Collaborative Divorce, both parties agree to resolve their issues without the stress and cost of litigation. Both parties retain an attorney who is trained in the collaborative process, and together with a team of professionals, they resolve their legal issues outside the courtroom.

Attorney Mike Toburen is committed to the collaborative process and believes strongly that Collaborative Divorce is the most effective way to reach a settlement that is fair to both parties.

What is Collaborative Divorce?
Collaborative divorce is an alternative to more adversarial litigation.

First, a contract is signed that allows both parties to resolve their differences without going to court.

Second, the parties meet with their attorneys outside the courtroom to negotiate regarding custody, parenting time, support and property division.

Third, once the parties reach an agreement and settle all issues in the divorce, a signed Judgment of Divorce is presented to the court.

If either party to a Collaborative Divorce decides at any time that the process is not working, the collaborative process is terminated.

Why choose Collaborative Divorce over litigation?
Collaborative Divorce allows families to resolve the difficult issues of divorce with dignity and respect. The most destructive component of divorce is conflict. The collaborative process removes much of that conflict by keeping the parties out of the courtroom.

By removing the stress of litigation, Collaborative Divorce helps divorcing couples to remain focused on the best interest of their family and children. By settling their issues in meetings outside the courtroom, the parties can constructively work toward a fair resolution.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality that is made more difficult by traditional litigation. The collaborative process provides a safe, calm environment for divorcing couples.

Mike Toburen is a member of the organizations below:

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan
Collaborative Divorce Professionals of West Michigan (for this organization, Mike Toburen serves on the Leadership Board as Secretary)